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White Heather leading Shamrock
Shamrock fetching mark first round.
Shamrock starting on second round.
Shamrock making for the Cork Lightship.
Shamrock leading then White Heather, Brynhild, Nyria and Mariska.
Shamrock stealing away from her opponents.
Manoueuvring for start. Shamrock in foreground.
23 Metre class manoeuvring for start in the Lower Hope.
Fetching the Mouse. Shamrock has secured the lead.
Hauling round the mouse, Shamrock leading.
Man and woman - guests.
Shamrock finishing off Tilbury. Winner of King's Cup.
Manoeuvring for the start.
The Start.
Shamrock beating Brynhild by 2 seconds for second prize.
Crowd on breakwater watching the race.
Sir Thomas Lipton with party on Victoria.
Sir Thomas Lipton presented with floral horseshoe.
Sir Thomas Lipton drinking a cup of tea.
Sir Thomas Lipton looking through binoculars.
Sir Thomas Lipton holding the wooden eagle.
Sir Thomas Lipton at the wheel.
Sir Thomas Lipton and member of the NY fire brigade.
Sir Thomas Lipton waving handkerchief.
Sir Thomas Lipton with wife of American ambassador.
Sir Thomas Lipton and a young girl reading a paper.
A large crowd of visitors assembled on board the Victoria.
Sir Thomas Lipton.
Sir Thomas Lipton and Colonel Neill.
Sir Thomas Lipton and Commodore Stewart Blackton.