Life Story of Sir Thomas Lipton

A nurse on the deck of Erin, 1915 Throughout his career Lipton was noted for his charitable work. One of the earliest and best known was his gift in 1897 of £25,000 for the Princess of Wales' plea to provide dinners for the poor of London during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. He worked with Queen Alexandra to set up the Alexandra Trust which provided meals at a very affordable price to the poor in London.

During the First World War he fitted out his steam yacht Erin as a Red Cross hospital ship and transported a field hospital to France. Later he offered Erin to transport surgeons, nurse and orderlies to Serbia which was under attack from the superior forces of Austria-Hungary.

Despite his considerable wealth and social standing he never forgot his humble origins and always showed compassion for the poor and unemployed, particularly in his native Glasgow. In 1902, when a stand at Ibrox Park collapsed killing scores of spectators, he was quick to send a cheque for the relief of the families of the victims.